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In 1978 I was setting about to make some valentines for my mother and sisters. My drawing skills have always been poor and a number of my attempts were woefully inadequate. I decided to cut out a heart shape from poster board, put it under the paper and rub the margin, much like we all did with coins as children, to bring up the image. Then I started cutting out other shapes and patterns. Soon I was noticing that there were textures everywhere and started rubbing whatever looked interesting and applicable.

I do not recall if I ever finished the valentines' that year but I continued to explore the drawing technique involved with rubbing surfaces. A few years later my friend Arlyn Ende called me and said "I discovered the word that describes what you do, it's called frottage!"

please_forward_-_1979_-_18in_x_24in_mzb (65K)  
  handmade_-_1978_-_4in_x_6in_mzb (44K)  
  Please Forward
18in×24in – 1979
graphite, colored pencil, cotton, colored tape, foil, band aid, stamps, cigarette paper, ink marker
4in×6in – February 16, 1978

During that first week of exploring frottage I made the above drawing. The concentric circles are made from cut and glued cardboard,floor linoleum, shotgun shell ends and flattened out sides, a protractor, car speaker cover, and the word handmade from a Puma Knife case. Needless to say that winter I was trying all kinds of textures, patterns and shapes. I found that graphite sticks worked well as pencil point did not cover enough surface and poked through the paper. Consequently my studio is filled with objects. From garbage bag closures to a bulldozer head gasket. I was walking down a side walk once and spied a nice texture from a broken piece from a car grill. On a second look I realized I already had that.

What follows are a few of the pieces that came from pursuing and developing the technique.

flag_-_1983_-_9in_x_11in_mzb (40K)  
  green_brick_-_1982_-_18in_x_24in_mzb (89K)  
9in×11in – 1983
  big_art_-_1983_-_14.88in_x_14_mzb (50K)  
  Green Brick
18in×24in – 1982
colored pencil
Big Art
14.88in×14in – 1983
graphite, colored pencil, pastel, bias tape, foil, tissue, wire
  heart_with_a_blue_hole_-_1983_-_16in_x_16in (55K) transparent_apartment_-_1983_-_19in_x_24in_mzb (94K)  
  Heart With A Blue Hole
16in×16in – 1983
graphite, colored pencil, pastel
Transparent Apartment
19in×24in – 1983
graphite, colored pencil
  thunderstorm_near_shore_-_1983_-_18in_x_24in_mzb (87K) thicker_thoughts_-_1984_-_17.13in_x_22.75in_mzb (75K)  
  Thunderstorm Near Shore
18in×24in – 1983
graphite, colored pencil, linen, tissue, cotton, colored tape
Thicker Thoughts
17.13in×22.75in – 1984
graphite, colored pencil, pastel, guinea fowl feathers, plastic, paper, stamps, colored tape, straight pins, fabric, cotton
  cultural_vortex_-_1984_-_35in_x_40in_mzb (175K)  
  Cultural Vortex
35in×40in – 1984
graphite, colored pencil
  passing_through_a_page_-_1986_-_13.5in_x_16.5_mzb (74K) planets_-_1986_-_18in_x_24in_mzb (82K)  
  Passing Through A Page
13.5in×16.5in – 1986
colored pencil
18in×24in – 1986
colored pencil
  a_sun_-_1986_-_18in_x_18in_mzb (58K) quark_party_-_1986_-_18in_x_18in_mzb (66K)  
  A Sun
18in×18in – 1986
colored pencil
Quark Party
18in×18in – 1986
colored pencil
  memory_of_recent_future_-_1987_-_36in_x_46in_mzb (163K)  
  Memory Of Recent Future
36in×46in – 1987
colored pencil
  matter_tracks_-_1987_-_36in_x_40in_mzb (136K)    
  Matter Tracks
36in×40in – 1987
colored pencil
  blanket_pattern_-_1989_-_36in_x_47.25in_x_49.75in_mzb (98K) astral_target_-_1990_-_34.5in_x_35in_mzb (72K)  
  Blanket Pattern
36in×47.25in×49.75in – 1989
Astral Target – Zygote's Eye
34.5in×35in – 1990
colored pencil
  whose_planet_-_1991_-_42in_x_46.5in_mzb (202K)  
  Whose Planet
42in×46.5 – 1991
colored pencil
  bandoras_pox_-_1993_-_42in_x_52in_mzb (178K)  
  Bandora's Pox
42in×52in – 1993
colored pencil
  jumping_through_the_hole_into_the_next_life_-_1994_-_18in_x_24in_mzb (131K) woman_with_a_blue_hibiscus_-_1994_-_18in_x_24in_mzb (130K)  
  Jumping Through The Hole Into The Next Life
18in×24in – 1994
colored pencil
Woman With A Blue Hibiscus
18in×24in – 1994
colored pencil, pastel
  chakra_quilt_-_1995_-_36in_x_46in_mzb (136K)  
  Chakra Quilt
36in×46in – 1995
colored pencil
  ark_nouvo_-_1995_-_42in_x_57in_mzb (182K)  
  Ark Nouvo
42in×57in – 1995
colored pencil
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