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Sandpudding Studio at the foot of Yellow Mountain in western North Carolina
Concrete Carving Workshop Schedule 2018

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The Workshop Procedure page gives details of the workshop.
The Concrete Carving Workshop Gallery has group photos of previous workshops. This link shows all past workshop locations.

It is unlikely that anymore workshops will be scheduled for 2018.

Workshop Schedule updated January 20, 2018

  • March 23 – 25, Lakeland, FLPolk Museum
    After two full classes a couple of years ago the two recent attempts for a workshop did not garner enough participants. Perhaps this time we will be successful in getting enough carvers for this workshop to happen.
  • May 25 – 27, Fort Walton Beach, FLArt and Design Society
    Had a great group here one year ago. This will be my fourth time at this small but active art center.
  • May 30 – June 3, Bell Buckle, TNSherri Art Studio
    A number of times I have had my typical workshop nested within Sherri's Concrete Camp. For those that choose not to take her full offering they can opt for just my workshop June 1 – June 3.
  • August 10 – August 12 – 14, Cullowhee, NCSandpudding Studio
    I held two workshops here in the western North Carolina mountains a few years ago. Occasionally I have had requests for a more in depth workshop. I am doing major concrete yard projects here this summer and what better time for people to see the process of building on site.
    The first three days will be a typical workshop for anyone that has not taken my workshop before – $375 materials included.
    For those that want to they can choose the expanded workshop and learn to make carving tools, work on a particular project or do a skill set development piece August 15 – August 16 and beyond – $100 a day with a materials fee related to the type of project.
    Carol and I are both vegetarians and this time of year the garden will be producing, so some impromptu meals will be here. Local Air BNB's, etc. are available and for those that want to rough it they can camp here on the grounds or stay in a few out rooms. First come first served for limited on site lodging. Details of individual needs can be worked out with further discussion through email or phone.
  • October 19 – 21, Chicago, ILChicago Mosaic School
    I have had a workshop at CMS for each of the past seven years and this time, the eighth, it will be in their new location. WooHoo!
Other Concrete in 2018
  • Ongoing scheduling throughout 2018, Spokane, WA
    My dear friend Susan Jane Hall is one of the few people I know that has been carving for many years. I assisted her on a concrete public art project in Nashville, TN many years ago and we have carved together many times. For a number of years now she has been teaching workshops at her studio and on the road, mostly in the Northwest.
    Connect with Susan and discover her wonderful Co-Creative Workshops.
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