Scrap Slab Driveway, a mosaic of leftovers Scrap Slab Driveway, a mosaic made with leftover scrapings
Scrap Slab Driveway

1996 – 2005
Sandpudding Studio, Readyville, TN

Before I carved I would dig a hole about 6 inches deep and box it in with a makeshift form. The scrapings from each carve were mixed with the "bleed water" that leaks out of the form as it sets. This was placed into the form, tamped down and troweled flat. I would lay a wet towel or something over it for a few days and then remove the form. With the next carve I would box in against that piece and repeat the process. Gradually the patchwork driveway was made. The downside is it made my taxes go up. I would have finished this sooner except that after the longer carving sessions that produced large amounts of scrapings left me too tired to bother with it.

Notice the broken and shattered rusty chunk on the right hand picture. This mix had some liquid color used in tinting latex paint that I experimented with for a short period. During the mixing process it puffed up the volume to some degree. Looks like it doesn't weather very well in the long run. However, the yellow piece to it's right was from similar stuff but held up well. For color I stay with the approved tints and acid stains.

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