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  Figurative Table

Figurative Table

16 June 1999
30in l × 18in w × 21in h

  Androgynous Torso, view 1 Androgynous Torso, view 2  
  Androgynous Torso, view 3 Androgynous Torso, view 4  
Androgynous Torso

9 Dec 1999
statue – 18in l × 16in w × 30in h, base – 17in l × 16in w × 4in h

Rosary Garden, cross Rosary Garden

Rosary Garden

June – July 2002
Chattanooga, TN

This installation is located on the campus of Notre Dame High School. A group of students developed the concept of this student memorial garden. It was an honor to be chosen to bring their idea into form.

Pieces featured in Image Magazine of the San Francisco Examiner Flat Organic Planter

Buff Flat Organic Planter

28 Dec 1998
22in d × 10in h
Worm Pot

Medium Worm Pot

15 Dec 2000
11.75in d × 10.75in h
Planter for HGTV

HGTV Planter

24 Oct 2001
14.25in d × 11.25in h
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