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  • The Garden Art This is a wonderful site where creative people get together to discuss and show their work. The main focus is about people making a wide range of work for themselves and their dwelling spaces. It has a friendly sense of community and a comfortable place for the exchange of ideas and advice. There is professional work as well and numerous links scattered throughout the discussions pages to unique work from interesting sites around the world. I am honored to be a featured artist at this site.
  • Ferrocement Educational This is a great website and forum for anyone interested in techniques using ferrocement. Skilled individuals from around the world discuss various methods, relate their expertise and offer advice. Founder Paul Sarnstrom offers a number of workshops at FEN in beautiful Montrose, CO each summer.
  • The Tennessee Association of Craft I was a member of TACA from 1999 – 2010 but have left this organization now that I have moved to NC. The TACA Craft Fairs are always on the first full weekend in May and the last weekend in September at Centennial Park in Nashville, TN. Visit the TACA website to learn more about this fine organization.
  • The This is a wonderful place for personal healing and a deeper understanding of self. Its sister organization The School of Healing Arts is where I learned about the subtle energies of auric and kabbalistic healing. Through an array of methodologies these organizations have empowered numerous individuals to find balance in their lives.
Professional and Friends’ Links
  • Sherri Warner Her two recent books on working with concrete have become the definative starting place and resource for those seeking instruction in mosaics and the medium of concrete. Sherri is a long time TACA member.
    Creating With Concrete by Sherri Warner Hunter; NY: Lark Books, 2001, ISBN 1-57990-179-4. This book is out of print and is now in paperback as Creating Concrete Garden Ornaments.
    Creative Concrete Ornaments for the Garden by Sherri Warner Hunter; NY: Lark Books, 2005, ISBN 1-57990-585-4.
    Currently she does lecture tours and offers a variety of workshops nationwide with a focus on mosaics. Being a Featured Artist in these books has essentially established me as the person at the top of the field concerning wet carved concrete.
  • Julieanne Jynja spent most of her creative time in Salt Lake City where her main focus has been on mosaic pieces both large and small. We met through The Garden Art Forum where she is a moderator. In the summer of 2008 I spent time there doing two carving workshops and visit when I can.
  • Susan Jane As well as being green interior designer Susan regularly does concrete carving workshops and commissions.
  • Karen I met Karen and her husband John a few years ago in Santa Fe at an art opening and we bonded immediately. Karen's paintings of flowers are exquisite. While visiting them I was able to view her work around the house at leisure. They glow.
  • Paul Michael Mike is one of my best pals since the 80's. We shared an office in graduate school. Not much can be said here, you just have to experience his world yourself.
  • Kem Kem is a creative and delightful person. Her unique work continues to develop in a variety of ways. Kem is also featured in the Hunter books and is a TACA member.
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