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Elder G. Jones 
Sandpudding Studio
Concrete Sculpture

Wet-carved concrete is a technique where three parts of sand and one part of Portland Cement are mixed with water. This is placed in a form and allowed to set until it is firm enough to hold its shape. The form is removed. The piece is sculpted using simple hand tools until the mixture is too hard to carve effectively. All work in this site was produced by this method. The wet-carved concrete link below will lead you to detailed instructions.

Except for the sculpture, most of my work is named descriptively. As the number of pieces produced began to grow this was the only way I could clearly keep up with what was what. Consequently generic groups developed like the "Tree Planters" or "Phyto (plant-like) Planters". During the workshop circuit of 2008 people kept asking me about the name Elder. It's not a title. It's my given name.

For 2019 I am, once again, doing just a few workshops in the East. The SAMA Summit in April may present other workshop locations and I should have some idea about that by May.

In 2018 I started the wall construction project here at home. I got a third of the way through the project before the weather closed the door on further carving. Once again a late Summer workshop here at Sandpudding Studio in the western North Carolina mountains will be an opportunity for anyone interested in pursuing in situ construction using the wet carved technique. there was no interest in this last year but perhaps this year a workshop will come together. See the Workshop Schedule page for details.

In the Winter of 2017 I reworked most of this site. Some things added, some removed. As I am no longer associated with any gallery all commissions and available works are through me at my home studio in western North Carolina. Any significant changes to the site will be related to the Workshop Schedule. My plan is to take down this site and have everything on Wordpress. Eventually I should be able to blog and post more of my current activities. But this is going slowly.

Workshop Schedule updated April 1, 2019

Contact – elder@sandpudding.com

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